Smart Indoor Climate

Making your AC and
heat pump smart

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Smart Indoor Climate

Make your air conditioner and heat pump smart.
Save energy and breathe fresher air


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Smart AC & Heat Pump Control

At home or on the go,
your home climate is at your fingertips

Control your air conditioner or heat pump from anywhere.
Monitor the temperature and humidity remotely

Saves Energy & Pays for itself

Sensibo's smart sensors, geo fencing, climate react and smart schedules helps you cut high energy costs without sacrificing your comfort.

Over 5,000 ★★★★★ Amazon Reviews

Sensibo Sky Product Review

Automating my shop's split A/C unit....

Sensibo Sky | Verified Purchase

Stephen P - United States - October 2020

I bought a split A/C for my shop, but I had no way to program it or control it remotely. Enter the Sensibo Sky. It was an easy install and worked seamlessly with my Google Nest and Amazon Alexa devices.

Sensibo Sky Product Testimonial

Blown Away!

Sensibo Sky | Verified Purchase

Scott G - United States - March 2021

We’ve only had this a few days but it’s already transformed our ac situation. This was originally just supposed to be a cheap solution to control our mini split via WiFi. The App turns it into so much more than that. This ended up being much more than we expected in the best possible way.

Sensibo Air Product Review

Amazing AC controller for my pets

Sensibo Air | Verified Purchase

Joy M - United States - May 2021

I was looking into smart remotes to control my ac when I’m not home, I found this online and it seemed too good to be true. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up, just downloaded the app and followed the instructions. I now can control my split ac when I’m not home (I have spoiled pets). Great buy, highly recommend!

Sensibo Sky AC Controller Review

Great product and glad I bought it.

Sensibo Sky | Verified Purchase

Xtian83 - United States - June 2021

As summer was approaching I was ready to buy a Smart AC unit. Living in NYC very apts few have central air so I was ready to spend $300-$600 for a smart AC just to control it when I’m not home. Thanks to Sensibo I saved money , time and energy. Best thing out there!

Sensibo Sky Ac Controller Testimonial

My Son Said This Will Change My Life

Sensibo Sky | Verified Purchase

Dwight H - Australia - May 2021

I have an older split unit, and I have wanted to have control of the unit remotely. I am so impressed with how easy this is to set up and use. You can not go wrong getting one of these for your system.

Sensibo Air AC Controller Review

Should have purchased it last year

Sensibo Air | Verified Purchase

Rob S - United Kingdom - April 2021

Works very nicely and very happy. I can now turn on the heat or a/c at my summer house before I leave and the place is the right temp when I arrive. Should have purchased this last year.

Sensibo Sky Storm Review

Great AC controller!

Sensibo Sky | Verified Purchase

Sergey P - United States - February 2021

I've started using Sensibo Sky a week ago. I've also put the remote, that was always got lost somewhere in the room, to a drawer since I don't need it anymore. Easy to install and it works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa.

Sensibo Air AC Controller Testimonial

Perfect Solution!

Sensibo Air | Verified Purchase

George K - United States - February 2021

I set it to come on at 7am at about 68 degrees, at 8:30am up to 72 degrees and at 7pm off. It works perfectly. I would give it 6 stars but it has not made breakfast for me yet.

Sensibo Air Product Review AC Controller

Awesome Product!

Sensibo Air | Verified Purchase

Pedro  A - Mexico - February 2021

Easy to configure on my iphone and Alexa. Great product and has multi functions to control my A/C from anywhere. Is very easy to manage. I'm happy with this purchase.

Sensibo Cloud AC Controller Review

Simple setup, tons of features

Sensibo Sky | Verified Purchase

Chris Z - United States - December 2020

I bought 3 of them and they work perfectly for my summer home. Can monitor and control all of the functions of the units from anywhere. Awesome product!

Supports any air conditioner or heat pump
with a remote control

Works with more than 10,000 models
Installation takes only a minute

Sensibo AC Controller Compatibility
Sensibo Smart AC Controller Compatibility

Yes, Sensibo supports !

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Sensibo Sky

  • Sensibo's best selling
  • Best value for money

Sensibo Air

  • Next gen smart AC controller
  • Apple HomeKit compatible

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