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Fujitsu General Announces Partnership With Sensibo

Fujitsu General Announces Partnership With Sensibo

Sydney and Tel Aviv, September 5th, 2023 – Fujitsu General Australia and Fujitsu General New Zealand have partnered with Sensibo to provide Smart Home Air Conditioning (AC) solutions. Sensibo is a leading climate technology Internet of Things (IoT) company that develops smart AC and heat pump solutions, using data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), for a more sustainable world. 

The strategic partnership will further strengthen Fujitsu General’s anywAiR® technology product lineup through the integration of Sensibo’s technology into Fujitsu General’s air conditioners and heat pumps, allowing Fujitsu customers to control their devices from anywhere using Sensibo’s suite of mobile smart AC functions such as smart scheduling; geo-fencing; climate react; and voice control* via Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Customers will also be able to take advantage of Sensibo’s machine-learning algorithms to help them conserve energy and enjoy greater comfort and control.

Sensibo’s Operating System (OS) solution, which will be integrated into Fujitsu General’s air conditioners under the anywAiR technology brand, is a premium end-to-end smart heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solution. Sensibo’s smart HVAC products allow users to control their ACs by utilizing AI, data, and sensors while leveraging cloud computing that processes more than 1.2 million HVAC actions a day. 

“The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partnership between Fujitsu General and Sensibo is not only a major step for Fujitsu but also for the smart AC sector,” said Kyle Rafter, Head of Product ANZ, Fujitsu General. “We are excited to partner with Sensibo, a company that puts sustainability and technological innovation at the top of their agenda, which aligns with ours.”

“Together with Fujitsu General, we were able to create an air conditioner that is different from anything else that exists on the market. We cannot wait to see how Sensibo’s OS will diversify Fujitsu’s product capabilities and create a huge leap toward the relationship between technology, energy management, and climate control," said Ran Roth, CEO and Co-Founder of Sensibo. “Smart air conditioners are the next innovation of the industry, with the potential to deliver a reduction in energy consumption and mitigate CO2 emissions.  We are proud to partner with Fujitsu General to empower users to use their air conditioning unit more efficiently to contribute to protecting our planet.”

About Fujitsu General
Fujitsu General Australia and Fujitsu General New Zealand are part of Fujitsu General Limited – a leading, global manufacturer of air conditioners and heat pumps. Proud to be ‘Australia’s and New Zealand’s Favourite Air’, Fujitsu General Australia and New Zealand have a product portfolio to suit residential and commercial applications. Rigorous research and development have resulted in an extensive range of world-class, stylish, and energy-efficient systems.  

About Sensibo
Sensibo develops leading technological solutions for smart climate management, energy management, and air quality, in homes, offices, public buildings, and more. The company’s products, installed in hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses worldwide, lead to both a decrease in energy use and an increase in monetary savings. Sensibo’s products bring efficiency to air conditioners, which are otherwise responsible for 33 percent of the world’s energy use and factor significantly in climate change-related emissions. The company was founded in 2013 by Ran Roth and Omer Enbar, two tech mavens. Products include Sensibo Sky, Sensibo Air, Sensibo Air Pro, and most recently, Sensibo Elements. All are installed easily, connect to remote-controlled ACs, and may be remote-controlled via mobile app, along with full integration with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and Apple HomeKit*.

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*Compatible with a range of Smart Home Voice Control Devices. Compatibility can be subject to changes made by these third-party companies. 

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