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5 Benefits of an Indoor Air Quality Monitor

5 Benefits of an Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is just as important as outdoor air quality, yet it gets much less attention. It's misleading that air pollution is only an outdoor problem due to cars, factories, and large cities. Still, indoor air quality can be anywhere between 2-5x more polluted than the air we breathe outside, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We can't see air pollution, so it's often not considered when cleaning and preparing our homes for healthy living. But it should be, and indoor air quality monitors can help you see and track those invisible pollutants. Here are five additional benefits to having an indoor air quality meter for your home. 

Breathe easier with cleaner air 

Most people take breathing well for granted until they find themselves in trouble. Allergies and respiratory illness can appear or become agitated when the surrounding air isn't that clean. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ethanol are often the culprits in poor air quality because they are the ingredients of many household products, like paint and cleaning sprays. Even minute amounts of indoor pollutants can cause discomfort in breathing, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and even raised stress levels. But an indoor air quality monitor or home system will not only make you aware of your IAQ but will notify you which areas of your home are most affected by these pollutants. An indoor air quality sensor can help you identify sources and take care of them properly, leaving you a healthier and more breathable home. 

Sleep Better

There are many reasons why some people can't get a good night's sleep, and breathing unclean air is proven to be one of them. High levels of CO2 can disrupt sleep. CO2 is the gas we exhale but can become harmful when there's too much in the air. This happens in smaller rooms or when doors often stay closed. Indoor air quality testers and IAQ monitors can measure and track the amount of CO2 in your room and alert you when levels increase. Working with a good air conditioner and air quality devices can ensure you get your sleep.  

Remove Allergens

It's estimated that 35 million Americans suffer from airborne allergens. Particles in the PM2.5 size range can easily reach deep into the respiratory tract because of their small size. They can cause allergy symptoms like irritation in the ears, eyes, and throat, runny nose, and shortness of breath. An excellent indoor air quality monitor not only senses the more significant allergens, like pollen, in the air but should also be capable of capturing the smaller ones. An indoor air quality monitor can make allergy season much more bearable. 

Eliminate mold 

Mold found in a home is any homeowner or renter's worst nightmare. Mold continues to sustain itself by releasing mold spores into the air, which can affect your health. Air quality monitors can't differentiate mold spores from other particulate matter in the air. However, having an IAQ tester can help detect mold and mildew by measuring temperature and humidity and noticing when conditions lead to mold growth. Paired with an air purification system, an indoor air quality monitor can reduce mold related health effects from your living space.

Battle all types of pollutants through one device 

A benefit to any home device is that it makes chores easier and improves the overall quality of life. That's why any IAQ monitor you bring into your home should do precisely that. Sensibo's new air quality monitor, the Sensibo Elements, tracks the total VOC count (TVOC), ethanol, PM2.5 particulate matter, temperature, and humidity in your home, giving you the complete picture of your home's IAQ status.

The sensors use the highest grade technology to track different pollutants and conditions levels and offer users an aggregated indoor air quality score. Your IAQ score will help you identify sources, properly store and clean areas, and improve habits to circulate and ventilate your home's air.  

Breathe easier, sleep better and feel healthier by simply adding an indoor air quality monitoring system to benefit your home and quality of life!

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About the Author

Joey Mezistrano | Product Manager 

Joey Mezistrano is Product Manager at Sensibo.

About the Author

Joey Mezistrano -Product Manager 

Joey Mezistrano is Product Manager at Sensibo.