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Sensibo Releases 2022 Climate Impact Summary

Climate impact

Sensibo, the leading Climate Tech company combining smart ACs with a more sustainable world, released its first Climate Impact summary today. The summary highlights the impact of Smart HVAC and its achievements for 2022, mitigating 78,813 gross tons of Co2-eq (equal to removing 15,376 gas-powered vehicles from the road for a year), saving 212 GWh of energy (equalling 16,905,670 gallons of gasoline) and managing 721 MW (equal to the Co2 emissions generated by burning 345,000 pounds of coal).

Sensibo is the developer of climate technology-focused products found in over 200,000 homes around the world. Since 2014, Sensibo has produced smart HVAC & indoor air quality monitoring products, allowing users to control their ACs and Heat Pumps with AI, data and sensors, while taking advantage of air quality data to optimize their use and reduce energy consumption.

Heating and cooling devices account for 33% of the global energy consumption. Hence, Sensibo is developing globally impactful climate technology, addressing the most pressing challenge of our era. Sensibo aims to be the brains of every indoor climate system, leveraging billions of data points, along with AI learning, to optimize and personalize indoor climate, comfort, energy efficiency and air quality to every home and office.

About 1.5 billion air conditioners and heat pumps are operating around the world today. This figure is expected to grow significantly and reach, according to forecasts, over 5 billion air conditioners in 2050. According to company data, Sensibo has found that  approximately 37% of air conditioning users forget to turn off the air conditioner at least once a week.

Additionally, air conditioning sensors are typically located in the air conditioner itself, which often leads to very inaccurate data measurements. This design flaw hampers operational optimization efforts. For the most part, air conditioning technology is nearly a century old, enabling Sensibo to revolutionize the market and achieve significant energy savings while also reducing their customers’ carbon footprints.

“For ten years, we have worked hard to promote our vision of Beyond Air Con, investing heavily in research and development, helping more than 200,000 homes save energy and the climate worldwide”, said Ran Roth, CEO and Co-Founder of Sensibo. “Our systems, which help save up to 40% on energy bills’ heating & cooling line items, offer an efficient solution to dealing with some of the world’s biggest challenges: climate change, energy and air quality.”

Highlights from the report include:

  • How Sensibo is contributing to 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • How Sensibo products address climate change: limiting emissions, preserving resources, changing habits and reducing wastefulness.
  • Impact Statistics for the year of 2022:
  • 78,813 gross tons of Co2-eq mitigated, equal to removing 15,376 gas-powered vehicles from the road for a year.
  • 212 GWh of energy saved, equalling 16,905,670 gallons of gasoline.
  • 721 MW under management, equal to the Co2 emissions generated by burning 345,000 pounds of coal.

The report can be viewed and downloaded from the Company’s website via: https://sensibo.com/pages/our-impact-2022

Sensibo will be at AHR Expo in Atlanta between February 6-8, 2023, located at Building C, Level 1, Booth C6042.           

For further information please contact

Mira Marcus | PR, Sensibo | mira@sensibo.com

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About the Author

Ran Roth | CEO & Co-founder

Ran Roth is on a mission to better the world by bringing smart sensing & AI to indoor climate & air quality. With more than a third of the world total energy going into cooling and heating and with airborne viruses and pollution on the rise, Ran has committed to bring a fresh data driven IoT approach to the fields of HVAC & IAQ.

About the Author

Joey Mezistrano -Product Manager 

Joey Mezistrano is Product Manager at Sensibo.