Is your building protected against airborne contaminants?

Manage your buildings' indoor climate and air quality

Air Bend by Sensibo is a management software for commercial building indoor environment. Save energy and improve air quality.

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Save energy and improve air quality

  • Optimize energy savings
  • Bulk updates
  • Adaptive operation based on indoor and outdoor climate
  • Multi-user access
  • Remote management
  • Alerts, reports and analytics
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Automatic air purification
  • Occupants stay comfortable and healthy


The features that keep your costs low and your occupants healthy

Air Bend by Sensibo is designed for buildings and business of all types. With a customizable and easy to use solution, that includes wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud based software. Easy to install, works right out of the box. Control and monitor your business to keep energy costs at check while maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.


Increase occupants safety, well-being, employee productivity, and air quality and reduce operating costs


Make your guests comfortable and increase satisfaction while reducing energy costs


Automate indoor climate for employee satisfaction and safety. Maintain a clean and comfortable environment in each room to increase productivity


Reduce operating costs in each individual room while providing your guests with a modern climate control and air quality experience


An IoT-Powered building management solution (BMS)

Air Bend by Sensibo brings all your HVAC and air quality needs to a single, powerful user interface, tailored for both occupants and property managers. Control single devices, or in bulk, and gain powerful insights.

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Air Bend by Sensibo is available to fit your needs.
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