Unleash the power of Sensibo PLUS

Our premium plan is packed with features to keep you cool, your energy bill low and the air you breathe fresh

Unlock advanced AI algorithms designed to save you more money, monitor your air quality & boost your health.

Keep your AC healthy

Generate AC health reports, track efficiency, performance and know when your AC needs maintenance

Lower your energy bill

Sensibo uses machine learning and real time weather data to increase AC efficiency and energy savings

Maximize your home climate control

Create advanced automations by combining Climate React with 7-day scheduling and geo-fencing

Detect malfunctions
in real time

Sensibo's  machine learning algorithms analyze your room parameters in real time to detect issues and anomalies

Stop mold growth

Protect the air you breathe with our Anti-Mold feature, designed to dry residual moisture in your AC to reduce mold growth

Live AC usage statistics

Get live statistics about your AC usage. Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly data. Optimize your usage and save energy.

Protect your health

Streamlined weather and pollution data is used to optimize your AC and alert you to unhealthy pollution levels

Get a 2-year device protection plan

Register to the Sensibo Plus Annual Plan and get a FREE 2-year extended warranty.

The offer is valid within the first four weeks from initial setup. Terms & conditions apply.

πŸ”₯ Limited Time Offer πŸ”₯
Get an additional 1-year extended warranty for FREE!

When you register to the Sensibo Plus Annual Plan, you receive an additional FREE 1-year extended warranty.

Offer covers any currently online Sky/Air devices installed at any time in the past.