Make your air conditioner smart

Make your air conditioner smart

Meet the 2nd generation Sensibo Sky. It's never been easier to control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime. Maximize your comfort and save energy.

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  • Control from anywhere, anytime
  • Location based on/off
  • Saves energy
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    Control from anywhere, anytime

    Control your air conditioner from anywhere. Monitor the temperature and humidity remotely
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    Location based on/off

    Turns on automatically before you arrive, turns off when the last person leaves using your phone's geo-location
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    Saves energy

    Using 7-day scheduling, geo-fencing and filter cleaning alerts, Sensibo saves energy and pays for itself
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Enjoy your peace of mind, wherever you are.

Sensibo turns on the heat before you wake up in the winter. It cools your house down before you arrive in the summer. At home or on the go, it always makes sure the temperature is just right for you.

Supports any air conditioner or heat pump with a remote control

Sensibo is compatible in every country, and with any voltage and power outlet - installation takes less than a minute!

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  • Sensibo Sky
  • Sensibo Sky
  • Sensibo Sky
  • Sensibo Sky
  • Sensibo Sky
  • Sensibo Sky

2nd generation

Sensibo Sky

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