Sensibo Airbend
Smart HVAC Management Platform For Hotels

Reduce energy expenses, become eco-friendly, and ensure your guests in the world of hospitality experience optimal comfort

  • Hotels
  • Luxury Villas
  • Caravans
  • Resorts
  • Inns
  • Any kind of hospitality business
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Unified Dashboard

to manage all your AC

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on your AC bills

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Become Eco-Friendly

Attract new audiences


Efficient Operations

Cut Operational Costs

Sensibo Airbend: The Future of Efficient Hotel Climate Management

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Take Control of Your Energy Usage

Effortlessly manage your property's HVAC system, regardless of size or location. Use a centralized dashboard to control individual units or make bulk adjustments. Set smart schedules to optimize usage, ensuring that units in unoccupied rooms are turned off. Keep a vigilant eye on your HVAC ecosystem for complete control.

Reduce Operational Costs

Keep your energy costs low with advanced automation and smart rules that actively react to indoor climate fluctuations. Our users have saved up to 40% on their energy bills when fully integrating with Sensibo Airbend. With plug-and-play installation, theres a low upfront cost and no downtime.


Superior Guest Comfort

Sensibo Airbend meticulously adjusts the air quality in each room, ensuring a consistently fresh and comfortable environment for guests. We help you to significantly enhance guest satisfaction by providing a personalized, healthier, and more enjoyable stay.

Reach Your Sustainability Goals

We know how important it is to meet sustainability goals for both you and your guests. Airbend helps you reach those goals by cutting CO2 emissions one unit at a time. Revolutionize your hotels HVAC system and achieve significant energy savings while also reducing your carbon footprint.


Evolve into green lodging

By implementing Sensibo Airbend's smart climate control your hospitality business, you will align with the eco-conscious values of the 61% of global travelers who prefer environmentally friendly hotels, as highlighted by Statista (2020)

Discover Hotel Innovation with Sensibo Airbend

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Operational Excellence with Sensibo: A Case Study

Learn how Prestige Bookings saved 40% On Their AC Bill and managed to attract new customers

‚ÄúFrom a financial point-of-view, we've seen energy savings, even with a big increase in occupancy in our properties‚ÄĚ


Gerry McMahon, CEO Prestige Booking

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Integrated Solution for Smart HVAC, Air Quality, and Hotel Comfort

Sensibo Airbend for hotels is a comprehensive solution tailored to enhance energy efficiency and guest experience. It encompasses everything from advanced hardware, a unified dashboard for easy control, to a full suite of smart sensors, ensuring optimal climate management across multiple sites and an unlimited number of rooms. This system is designed to not only save energy but also provide an unparalleled guest experience, streamlining hotel operations and elevating comfort

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Smart HVAC and Air Quality Control

  • Sensibo devices redefine HVAC and air quality control.
  • Ensures precise comfort and improved air quality.
  • Effortless management for optimal efficiency.
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Hotel Comfort Add-ons

  • Room Sensors and Remote Control elevate guest satisfaction
  • Individualized comfort for guests.
  • Reduces energy waste and retains parameters.

Smart Room Sensor


Smart Wi-Fi Remote Control


Smart Window Sensor


Smart Door Sensor


Open API Integration

Sensibo's open API configuration allows hotels to seamlessly integrate with any Hotel Management System, allowing you to quickly integrate Airbend into your existing operations ecosystem

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Acknowledged and Recognized Worldwide


Winner - Net Zero Hero 2023

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Sensibo Airbend for Hotels Overview

Sensibo Airbend for hotels is an advanced and intuitive smart climate control solution tailored specifically for the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Developed by Sensibo, a leading provider of smart home and commercial climate management solutions, Airbend for hotels aims to elevate the guest experience, optimize energy efficiency, and simplify climate management for the all types of hotels.




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