Smart HVAC Management Platform For Hotels

Remotely manage units in bulk, save on energy costs, and keep your visitors at peak comfort 

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Smart HVAC Management Platform For Hotels

Save on energy costs, cut CO2 emissions, and keep your visitors at peak comfort 

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Control every AC from one dashboard

Save up to 30% onyour AC bills

Meet sustainability

Gain deep insights and analytics

Sensibo Airbend is the perfect fit for hotels, resorts, luxury villas, inns, or any lodging business.

Take Control Of Your Energy Usage 

Gain complete control over your property's HVAC management no matter how many units or locations you have. Turn on, off, or adjust all units individually or in bulk from a central dashboard and set smart schedules to optimize usage. Easily ensure that units in empty rooms are off and always have an eye on your HVAC ecosystem.

Reduce Operational Costs

Keep your energy costs low with advanced automation and smart rules that actively react to indoor climate fluctuations. Our users have saved up to 40% on their energy bills when fully integrating with Sensibo Airbend. With plug-and-play installation, theres a low upfront cost and no downtime.

Reach Your Sustainability Goals

We know how important it is to meet sustainability goals for both you and your guests. Airbend helps you reach those goals by cutting CO2 emissions one unit at a time. Revolutionize your hotels HVAC system and achieve significant energy savings while also reducing your carbon footprint.

What Can Airbend Do For You?

Case Study: Reduce Operational Costs With Sensibo

Dive into a hotel case study showcasing how Sensibo effectively minimizes operational costs while optimizing guest comfort through smart climate control solutions.

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Full solution for AC and Air Quality

Sensibo devices redefine HVAC and air quality control, offering precise comfort, improved air quality, and effortless management for optimal efficiency.

Hotel Add Ons

With add-ons like room sensor and remote control, hotels can ensure comfort and individuality for guests while reducing energy waste and retaining parameters.

Open API Integration

Sensibo's open API configuration allows hotels to seamlessly integrate with any Hotel Management System, allowing you to quickly integrate Airbend into your existing operations ecosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sensibo Airbend for Hotels Overview

Sensibo Airbend for hotels is an advanced and intuitive smart climate control solution tailored specifically for the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Developed by Sensibo, a leading provider of smart home and commercial climate management solutions, Airbend for hotels aims to elevate the guest experience, optimize energy efficiency, and simplify climate management for the all types of hotels.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Guest Comfort: Sensibo Airbend for hotels prioritizes guest comfort by maintaining precise temperature settings in hotel rooms and common areas. Guests can enjoy a personalized and enjoyable stay, whether they are relaxing in their rooms or utilizing the hotel's amenities.
  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: With its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Sensibo Airbend for hotels intelligently manages HVAC systems to optimize energy consumption in the hotel. Hotels can significantly reduce operational costs while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Sensibo Airbend for hotels provides hotel staff with the convenience of remote monitoring and room control through an intuitive desktop interface. Whether at the front desk or anywhere on the property, staff can adjust room temperatures and manage climate cooling settings, ensuring a comfortable ambiance for guests at all times.
  • Air Quality Management: The system includes air quality monitoring, ensuring that guests enjoy a fresh and healthy environment during their stay. Sensibo Airbend for hotels tracks indoor air quality metrics and pollutants, such as CO2, TVOC, PM2.5, as well as humidity and temprature, to promote a healthy and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Customizable Zoning and Scheduling: Sensibo Airbend for hotels supports zoning capabilities, allowing hotels to create customized climate control settings for different zones or rooms within the property. Custom scheduling further enhances energy efficiency by aligning climate room control with occupancy patterns.
  • Voice Control and Smart Integration: Sensibo Airbend for hotels seamlessly integrates with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant, as well as hotel building management systems (BMS). This offers guests a convenient way to adjust room temperatures using voice commands, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Seamless Installation and Integration: Installing Sensibo Airbend is hassle-free and requires minimal disruption to existing HVAC systems. The system is designed for easy integration into various HVAC setups commonly found in hotels, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process. The setup take just minutes and doesn’t require any tools.
  • Dedicated Support and Training: Sensibo provides comprehensive support and training for hotels implementing Airbend. Our team of experts guides hotels through the installation process, offers usage assistance, and addresses any queries or troubleshooting requirements.



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