Smart HVAC Management Platform For Schools

A Comprehensive Solution for Classroom Climate Control

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Smart HVAC Management Platform For Schools

A Comprehensive Solution for Classroom Climate Control    

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Research has shown that indoor air quality (IAQ) is up to 5x worse than outdoors; and we're all aware of the negative impact poor IAQ has on test scores and cognitive ability. Yet harmful contaminants like CO2, PM2.5, and TVOC continue to go unmonitored in classrooms affecting health, attendance, and attentiveness. But it is actually simple (and cheap) to monitor and take necessary steps to counter these harmful pollutants. 

Reduce Operational

For school and university operation managers, it is imperative to offer an ideal classroom environment for students and faculty, while keeping costs at manageable levels. A typical school buildings heating and cooling account for nearly 50% of its energy usage and with dozens, if not hundreds, of units under their control, a comprehensive HVAC management solution can make all the difference for energy use optimization. 

Positive Effects of Improved Air Quality


higher test scores 

classrooms with better air quality yield fewer student sick days


increased attendance

classrooms with better air quality yield fewer student sick days


attention span longevity 

results based on indoor air quality improvements

* All stats based on multiple field studies 

Sensibo Airbend

Indoor Climate & Air Quality Management

Smart AC devices

Sensibo offers smart AC devices that make all split AC or remote controlled units "smart". With advanced automation and smart rules that actively react to indoor climate fluctuations, schools can save big on their energy bill. And with plug-and-play installation, theres a low upfront cost and no disturbance to busy school days.

Air quality devices 

The classroom environment has a huge impact on students' cognitive ability, and air quality plays a large (but silent) role. Air quality monitors detect unhealthy classroom air and instruct staff to improve classroom ventilation by activating air purifiers or even by simply opening a window.

Take Control Of Your Energy Usage 

Gain complete control over your schools HVAC management with Sensibo Airbend - no matter how many units you have. Turn on, off, or adjust units by classroom or in bulk from a unified dashboard and set smart schedules to optimize usage. Minimize energy waste, save on AC bills, and be a more sustainable school with Airbend. 

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