Understanding Your AC Health Check Results

Congratulations! You have received the results from your recent AC Health Check. Here you will find an explanation about your results, and what you can do if you received recommendations.

A good Health Check result will look something like this:

Here you can see the weather conditions while the Health Check was running. You may see some differences if you run the Health Check in different conditions.

You can also see the lowest and highest temperatures the AC has been able to reach.

Heat loss rate shows how fast the room loses the cold or hot air that the AC had been delivering. The higher the number, the better. If there is no number, it means that we couldn't detect any heat loss during the Health Check process.

Cooling/Heating rate is how long on average it takes to change the temperature by 1 degree in the room. The lower the number the faster your AC cools down the room or heats it up.

In the second part your results are indicated by either a green thumb up, telling you that your AC is healthy, or a red thumb down meaning that you should probably have your AC checked by a technician.

You will also get statistics about how well your AC compares to other AC's tested with Sensibo's AC Health Check feature.

Here are a few more examples

In the above example you can see a case where the AC is not working at all.

If you get this message first check that the test ran correctly:

1. That your Sensibo device was indeed able to control your AC. If your AC was not controlled by Sensibo during the test, this result is expected.

2. Check that your Sensibo device is not near a heat source, and can freely feel the room temperature. For instance, that it's not just behind a turned on TV which heats it up, or that the temperature sensor is not blocked by clothing or other objects.

If the Health Check ran properly and you received results indicating that your AC was not operating correctly, you should contact a local AC professional to diagnose and fix your AC's performance.

In the above example you can see that the heat loss rate is above normal.
First make sure that while you ran the Health Check you sealed the room properly: closed the door, turned off the lighting, and closed the windows.

If you have done so and still get these results, you should try to see if you can get better sealing in your room, as cold/hot air might be leaking outside through the gaps in your door or window.