Do you know how much air conditioning you use?

Sensibo Statistics

Most people have no idea how many hours their air conditioners are active over the course of a day, month or even year.

Now with Sensibo Plus you can track your AC usage directly form the Sensibo app. 

Understand how many hours of AC you are using daily, weekly and compare your monthly average the previous year.

Coming soon: Compare your usage to other users in your area!

Daily Statistics

With Sensibo Plus you can now track our daily AC usage with our live counter. Understand how many hours of AC you have used during a 24 hour period.

Weekly Statistics

With the weekly graph you can compare your AC usage to previous day of the week and start optimizing your usage.

Sensibo Actions

Discover how your are interacting with your Sensibo device over the last week and add additional automation

Monthly Usage

Track your overall monthly AC usage with our monthly chart. After you have had your Sensibo for over a year you can compare the current year to the previous one.

Sensibo Plus

Sensibo Plus comes packed with features that will bring you additional savings and automation to your AC unit. Get useful statistics, advanced scheduling, anomaly detection and AC system healthchecks.