Ai Assistant  

Unleash the full potential of your Sensibo-powered air conditioning system with our revolutionary AI Assistant, integrated seamlessly with the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT. This cutting-edge feature transforms your AC experience, offering intuitive control, personalized comfort settings, and smart energy-saving solutions, all through chat based text inputs.

Embrace the future of home climate control with an assistant that's not just smart, but also understands your unique preferences for the ultimate in-home comfort.

AI Powered Adjustments

Enhance your comfort effortlessly with Sensibo's AI Assistant. Just tell it how you feel, like "I'm cold," and it will smartly adjust your air conditioners to suit your needs.

Plus, the AI Assistant taps into your AC's data to offer real-time insights and tips for boosting energy efficiency and comfort.

Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to a personalized climate experience.

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Custom Rules

Customize your climate control with ease using Sensibo's AI Assistant.

Create tailored automations and rules based on your AC preferences. For instance, establish a "Boost Mode" to rapidly cool your spaces before your arrival. Just assign a keyword and corresponding action to the AI Assistant – for example, instruct it that whenever you type "Boost," it sets all AC units to cool at 22°C on high for 30 minutes.

This feature offers a seamless way to personalize your environment exactly to your liking.

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The Future of Smart AC Management

The integration of chatGPT into Sensibo's smart AC management, represents a significant advancement due to its intelligent blend of comfort, efficiency, and user-friendly technology. This system adapts to your habits and preferences, ensuring a perfectly tailored indoor climate, while optimizing energy usage for cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

The simplicity of text commands further streamlines this process, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This approach enhances the user experience and aligns with contemporary expectations of smart, responsive, and eco-conscious home automation.