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Mitigating climate change & making an impact

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Numbers round-up for 2022

721 MW

under management

That's equal to:
Co2 emissions generated by burning 345,000 pounds of coal

78,813 Tons

of gross CO2-eq mitigated

That's equal to:
Removing 15,376 gas-powered vehicles from the road each year

212 GWh

energy saved

That's equal to:
16,905,670 gallons of gasoline

About Sensibo

Sensibo is the developer of climate technology-focused products found in over 200,000 homes around the world.

Since 2014, we have produced smart HVAC & indoor air quality monitoring products, allowing users to control their ACs and Heat Pumps with smart parameters, while taking advantage of air quality data to optimize their use and reduce energy consumption.