Have you ever looked at your air conditioners vents and been dismayed to see a healthy culture of mold growing? Unfortunately this is an all too common AC issue that has a range of ramifications from being detrimental to your health, your home’s cleanliness and your AC’s health.

At Sensibo our goal is to keep your home comfortable and healthy, so we developed a Sensibo Energy Saver Plan feature to combat mold growth.

Automatically set to dry mode

The Anti-Mold feature for Sensibo Energy Saver Plan users, when activated, will automatically run your AC fan after you have turned off your AC to dry any residual moisture.

Once your AC’s insides are dry the Anti-Mold feature will shut off your AC fan automatically. By doing this after each use, mold spores will stop without the moisture that it needs to grow and spread.

Peace of Mind

This reduces the moisture levels needed for mold to grow in your AC. Studies have shown that mold growth in your AC can lead to poor air quality, allergic reactions and even sickness. 

Set a Timer

Anti mold sets your AC to fan mode for 5 - 20 minutes depending on your preference in order to dry out any condensation that may have accumulated on your AC coils during use.

Overall, Sensibo Energy Saver Plan is a great investment for anyone looking to automate and optimize their AC usage. With the auto-off feature, you'll be able to save energy and stay comfortable without lifting a finger.

So why wait? Sign up for Sensibo Energy Saver Plan today and start enjoying a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.