Sensibo AI Assistant, Powered By ChatGPT

Transform Your Home's Climate Experience with Sensibo's Groundbreaking AI Assistant. Exclusively for Energy Saver Plan Members, For Unprecedented Comfort and Efficiency

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‚ÄúSensibo has taken the industry by storm with the launch of its AI Assistant, powered by OpenAI‚Äôs ChatGPT. Gone are the days of simple voice commands like ‚Äúturn on the heat.‚ÄĚ The Sensibo AI Assistant understands complex requests and adapts to user intentions‚ÄĚ


January 23, 2024

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Introducing the Sensibo AI Assistant

To use the Sensibo AI Assistant, simply speak or type in your natural language to communicate your climate preferences. Whether through voice commands or text, the assistant understands and responds to your free speech, making controlling the climate of your home environment effortless and intuitive.

  • Utilizes OpenAI‚Äôs ChatGPT, enhancing your home climate management.
  • Can create smart schedules or recommended climate react setting for optimal climate
  • Smart Interaction: Responds to complex commands for intuitive HVAC control.
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimizes device performance, reduces energy consumption, potentially saving over 40% in energy.
  • Personalized Experience: Learns from behavior patterns for customized climate control.

The Future is Now: Sesnibo's Cutting-Edge AI Capabilities

How It Works

The Sensibo AI Assistant is powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), representing a significant leap in smart home technology. The integration of LLMs into Sensibo's AI assistant means that it can not only understand and process user requests but also take direct actions on connected heating and cooling systems, offering a more interactive and efficient way to manage home environments with artificial intelligence.


Seamlessly control your indoor climate with free text or speech. Takes a few seconds and works like magic! Try it now


Exclusive to Energy Saver Plan Subscribers

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Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
Sensibo Energy Saver Plan
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Sensibo Energy Saver Plan

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Benefits of Sensibo AI Assistant


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